Thursday, March 20, 2014

Looking Ahead

We need scans of any Rutherford era Watchtower letters, especially those signed by him.

We need any material related to Russell's around the world tour in 1912 except the convention report.

We need opposition booklets or tracts published in the 1880s.

We meed scans of original issues of Adams Spirit of the Word.

We need letters, private papers and photographs of any Watch Tower readers dated before 1916 or written by someone associated before 1916. A huge cache of letters sold on ebay some years ago. We would love to hear from the purchaser.

We need newspaper reviews of Russell Millennial Dawn volumes except for volume one.

Anything you think relevant would help. We found several manuscripts undated and disconnected from their place in history. They're still helpful. If you have any family papers related to the early days of the Watch Tower, please share them even if you think they're insignificant.

Convention memorabilia would be helpful too. This would include programs, letters or post cards home or any such thing.

We still need any letter from Russell.

We need as complete a speaking itinerary for Russell as we can find for the years 1879 to 1900.

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