Monday, May 12, 2014

Plymouth, Indiana, Tribune, August 18, 1910

The Restitution's readers had a lively congregation in Plymouth.
Most of Cole's audience would have come from that group.


roberto said...

How was the relationship between Millennial Dawn and Age-to-Come believers in those years?

The last number of "The Restitution" was in the year ....?

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

The Watch Tower was still pulling Age-to-Come believers away from their traditional associations. Both Christadelpian and Abrahamic Faith periodicals ran anti-Russell articles on a fairly regular basis.

jerome said...

The Restitution came to an end in late 1925. A rival paper, Restitution Herald was started in 1910 and the two competed amongst the Church of God congregations for some time. When the Church of God General Conference was established in 1921 they chose as their official paper the Herald. The original paper would decline from then on.

As Rachael says, the Abrahamic Faith publications carried articles against CTR and Millennial Dawn, and by this time a new reader wouldn't be given any clue as to the earlier connections.