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Jones' Divorce

September 2, 1889
W. T. Bown, sworn

            I live in 32nd Ward, Pittsburgh, Pa (Mount Washington) 67 years of age last January – am a Merchandise Broker. I know the Libellant in this case (Carrie M. Jones). She is my daughter. I also know the Respondent (Albert Delmont Jones). My daughter Carrie M. Bown was married to him (Respondent) the Eighth day of January, A. D. Eighteen Hundred and Seventy Eight. (1878) They were married in the Mt. Washington Baptist Church, 32nd Ward, Pittsburgh. I was present at the marriage. The Rev. W. H. McKinney performed the marriage ceremony. They first resided in Pittsburgh after their marriage for several years (some 3 or 4 years, I believe) before moving to New York. My daughter (the Libellant) is no living with me – she has been living with me for some time – it will be 3 years net May since she came to live with me. 

W. T. Bown [Signed]

Samuel E. Bown, sworn 

           I reside in the 13th ward, am 50 years of age. I am in the Coffee and Peanut Roasting business. I know the Libellant (Carrie M. Jones) and also the Respondent (Albert D. Jones) – was present at the marriage of the Libellant and Respondent. There were married in Mount Washington Baptists Church, 32nd Ward, Pittsburgh, Pa. on January Eighth, A. D. 1878 – the Rev. W. H. McKinney performed the ceremony. After their marriage the couple resided in Pittsburgh, here, for three or four years. They then removed from Pittsburgh to New York City. Carrie M Jones, the Libellant, now lives with her Father, W. T. Bown, in the 32nd Ward, Pittsburgh, Pa. She has been living with her father I think between 2 and 3 years last past.

S. E. Bown [signed]

December 21, 1889

William H. Conley, sworn 

            I reside in Allegheny City. I know Albert D. Jones, the Respondent – I should judge I have known him about 8 or 10 years – I have had dealings with him and known him in a business way. I also know Mrs. Jones, the Libellant. I have no knowledge of Mr. Jones’s keeping some other woman besides his wife. About 2 years ago last June in New York City I saw him one night about 9 o’clock walking on 5th Avenue with a woman other than his wife – did not know who the woman was. I believe I have heard that he had got into trouble with some woman and had to pay her a large sum of money to get rid of her – am not sure that I have the letter now – I burned about a bushel of letters – but I did get from him such a letter. I cannot state what the amount was but it was a large sum he had to pay – I judge that the reason for sending this letter must have been that I had written him a dunning letter as he had dealings, with us and owed us considerable money, and that would be his excuse (that he had to pay so much money on account of this woman) for not remitting to us. This letter I spoke of was received by me from him before I saw him walking with a woman as above mentioned. I think it must have been from 6 to 9 months before that.

             I had a conversation in Albert Jones’s presence with H. B. Adams and Eugene F. Smith of New York and Thomas B. Riter of Allegheny City, Penna – there were three of us together at Mr. Jones’s offices in New York City about 2 years ago. During this conversation Mr. Adams and Mr. Smith accused Mr. Jones of keeping the woman besides his wife – They called him all kinds of vile names and he did not deny the accusation. He was accused of maintaining a house and a woman other than his wife in it in the upper end of New York, and Mr. Adams (who was in the House Furnishing business then) stated in Mr. Jones’s presence that he (Adams) had furnished the house and he (Mr. Jones) admitted the whole thing. I cannot state from recollection the precise location of the house spoken of. 

W. H. Conley [signed]


jerome said...

It is quite fascinating to learn that W H Conley was owed money by A D Jones, because he was spending so much of his money dealing with troubles with other women - matters getting more and more complicated by the sounds of it. Conley's main account relates to 1887. One assumes that The Day Star had sort of bitten the dust a bit before this!

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Jones' Day Star seems to have died late in 1886.