Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Des Res?


These two properties are currently for sale. The owners will turn them into whatever you want for a price tag of over $400,000 per plot. Sadly, this means that the interiors have been gutted, which would have given a feel for how they were well over 100 years ago.
These are the original two houses in Cedar Avenue owned by the Russell family. Joseph L Russell and wife Emma owned the house on the left, and Charles T Russell and wife Maria owned the one on the right. Joseph L died in his property in 1897.
When Maria left CTR, she moved back into one of the houses and rented rooms out to lodgers. When CTR took the property back, Maria simply moved back in with Emma next door.


Edward said...

Not many people are aware that Charles and his father Joseph married sisters, Maria and Emma Ackley. We can imagine it was a cause of added stress to both families when Charles and Maria's marriage turned sour.

Joseph died in 1897 and I read somewhere that Maria separated from Charles in 1897. Did Maria separate before or after Joseph's death?

Nice photo. I didn't know they lived in the same mulit-family dwelling.

Edward said...

Google Maps, Street view, has an image from April 2012. It's been stripped by scrappers since then. Google: 1006 Cedar Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15212