Thursday, July 31, 2014

Faces from the Past

Most will be familiar with this picture of the first convention away from Pittsburgh, taken in Chicago in 1893. The picture comes from the brochure Our Temple published by the Chicago Bible Students in 1914 to highlight their building for Photodrama showings.

Have a closer look at the bottom right hand corner. There you will see a young Rose Ball and her future husband Ernest Henninges.
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Anonymous said...

It's interesting to note that both Rose Ball and her husband Ernest Henninges defected from the Watch Tower Society. Henninges began the New Covenant Fellowship, which morphed into what is today known as the Christian Bible Students of Melbourne.

Conduct a search for Find a Grave. On that site click Browse by non-US Country. At Name: put Burwood Cemetery. For Country scroll down to Australia. Click search. That will give you Ernest C. Henninges. Click.

Anonymous said...

Correction: It is better not to click Browse by non-US country as that will lead you to the Cemeteries in Australia and then you will have to search for Burwood and then search for Ernest C. Henninges.

jerome said...

Rose is buried with Ernest in Burwood Cemetery, but the gravestone inscription was never updated.