Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sacramento, California, Daily Union, September 17, 1868.

Part of a longer article, none of which is relevant to this history:

An Advent Camp Meeting

            This is the season of camp meetings, and our journals are daily filled with reports of these gatherings, which are taking place in all parts of the State. They are so much alike, as a general rule, and most of your readers are so familiar with their proceedings, that it is hardly worth while to describe them. But last week of a camp meeting a camp meeting of Adventists was in session near Springfield, which presented some features of interest. The attendance was very large – some thousands of people being present from near and far. The Adventists, you know, believe in the speedy second coming of Christ. The daily exercises at the camp meeting open with a love feast, somewhat similar in general character to the Methodist exercises of the same name. Then follow sermons, baptisms, etc. The proceedings of one day will give an idea of the whole meeting. On Friday Rev. Jonas Wendell, of Western New York, preached a sermon on Paul’s character and the Jews. He declared that where the Jews had one item of testimony in reference to the first coming of Christ, we, of the present day, have six signs of his second. Rev. George Storrs, of New York, was the next sermonizer. He is one of a small sect of Adventists who believe that only the righteous will rise from the dead, while the wicked die …


Anonymous said...

Very interesting blog you have.Is there any influence from John Nelson Darby?

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Both Russell and Barbour were aware of Brethren teaching. We can't find a specific mention of Darby.

One Brethren writer described Watch Tower doctrine as almost truth but not truth.

Personally, I think Russell read Newton if he read any of the Brethren writers. But that's not certain at all.