Wednesday, October 22, 2014

We need ...

We need to locate Paton’s World’s Hope magazine. We have some years but not most years. There are gaps in our understanding that can only be filled by access to his magazine.


We have the first year of A. P. Adams’ Spirit of the Word. It was published at least until 1907. We can’t find any later issues. We need them.


We have one issue of A. D. Jones’ Day Star. We know the location of a full year and some issues. The copy cost is now about $400.00 for a microfilm role. It would be easier if someone in the Washington, D. C. area could visit the library and turn pages in person. And it would be far less expensive. We don’t have the three hundred and some dollars. So if you live near Washington, D. C., please contact one of us – if you are inclined to volunteer.


Not having access to these magazines is seriously slowing our research. Can you help?

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Chris G. said...

I have very nice reprints of the Worlds hope issues for the first 2 years of it's run. Bound nicely, do you need to borrow?
nice early info I've noticed. Please let me know. Christopher Gross