Saturday, December 27, 2014

Today's Mail

            The first of the bound volumes of Spirit of the Word arrived in this morning’s mail. I haven’t read it in depth yet, but I have read it. There are things in it we will use. Adams restates his rejection of Literalist belief because to take the Bible literally meant he could not sustain his new doctrines. There is a multi-issue discussion between Adams and an un-named tract writer. The un-named man was Paton. The tract was a reprint of an article in World’s Hope.

            Adams does not directly mention Russell, but he does comment on his doctrines. Adams could not refute Russell, so he stood on the back porch and whispered innuendo. I can see several references to Watch Tower theology. It will take some time to pin them to exact Watch Tower articles. We won’t peruse that until the current chapter is finished, at least in rough draft.

            There is a note on a page margin. It appears to be in Adams’ hand. This volume is stamped “office copy.” Later it belonged to someone living in Kentucky.

            Adams retracted something he wrote in 1882. I’ll have to find the original statement. We have his 1882 book, so that should be possible.

            There was significant cross-readership between Paton’s magazine and Adams’. Those letters that are signed are often from people who also read Paton’s World’s Hope. It will take a very careful reading of the four years we have to put this all together.

            Bruce asked someone who’s very adept at finding things to look for Zion’s Day Star. We still need to see the early issues.

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