Thursday, December 11, 2014

We need this

This is for sale on ebay. It is a scanned copy of a letter from M. Russell to Mrs W. N. Fuller. [Personally, and without much proof, I think she meant Mrs. W. R. Fuller. But that doesn't matter.] As you see, the seller has blocked out portions of the letter. We're not inclined to buy from this seller, and the asking price is too high for us. Do any of you have a clear scan of this? Will you share it? You may need to click the image to view it.


jerome said...

Can you give us the eBay link?

jerome said...

Thanks for the added link. I may not buy, but it will be interesting to see what it eventually goes for.

jerome said...

As it is only a scanned copy (the seller suggests that the original may no longer exist) one would have thought they would make a lot more money by lowering the price and selling multiple copies. I would be very surprised if it makes the reserve.