Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Blog

Blog readership has increased, and most visitors spend some considerable time reading older posts. This is a significant improvement. We’ve picked up new readers too. The new statcounter shows unique and returned visits. Our readership is more balanced than it used to be. Interestingly, we have almost no Canadian or Australian visitors. Readers in Europe predominately come from the UK and Italy. We also have regular readers in Russia, Germany and Austria, with scattered visits from other nations.

This map shows blog traffic from approximately 3:30 am Pacific Standard Time to 9:00 am PST. It does not show multiple visits from the same location. For instance, in that period we had six visits from the Newark, New Jersey area, each from a different IP address. Those visits show on this map as a single ‘pin.’


We write this blog to be read, as a resource for those interested in Watch Tower history. It seems to be drawing more interest than it ever has. This is good. Tell others about our blog. And about our books. We finance our research from book royalties and an occasional donation. The more who know about and read our books, the easier it is to move forward.

Thanks for your blog visits and thanks for buying our books.


jerome said...

It is good to know that mamy visitors read older posts. Unlike personal blogs, where last week's news is obsolete and replaced by this week's news, a lot of research has been published here since this blog began in 2007. Some material may subseqently have been updated, but not necessarily so. And while some of this material did not make it into the final published books thus far - for space reasons or because it was somewhat off topic - the details here can still help future researchers. There is a lot on here that you will not find anywhere else - unless of course others have lifted it from here. It really is a fascinating subject.

roberto said...

Hispanic. Hispanic countries should be a target.