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This letter appeared in the June 11, 1894, special issue of Zion’s Watch Tower:


New York.


I feel I must emphasize the dear; for since this fearful trial has come upon you and you have so clearly proven the groundlessness and injustice of the attack upon you, you look nobler to me than ever before. You are kept in peace, but now go further, rejoice! Rejoice that you are counted worthy thus to suffer for his name! Yes, rejoice; for out of this you come forth purer and brighter--and those who really love the Lord, not in word or tongue only, but in deed and truth, will love you more, trust you more fully and show themselves more willing to heed all your words of advice and encouragement. Well, the sifting is going on. The Lord will have only clean ones, and he knoweth them that are his--praise his name! Such favor to be chosen of him! How can any be other than humbled at the thought!


Ever your sister, filled with blessed hope,

F. G. Burroughs.

Bible House workers are noted as such in that issue. She is not. 

In the Conspiracy Exposed Extra we find this: 

Sister Burroughs writes on the subject as follows:  

“A sister here asked me if I did not think it would be well to let Bro. Russell know how much harm had been done here by Mr. Rogers in his very disagreeable manner of insulting those who refused to buy `DAWN; ’ but I thought he was in England and beyond giving further offense here, so we would not trouble you, but took him to the Lord in prayer–that he might be humbled and given a better spirit.”


Burroughs lived in New York State in 1894, not in Allegheny. We have no record of her association with Bible House.


Miquel Angel Plaza-Navas said...

Despite there is no record of her association with Bible House, these letter and comment posted here shows that she (and her husband?) has been in touch with Russell's ideas at least in the 1890s.
Thanks for the info.

Miquel Angel Plaza-Navas said...

If somebody is interested, I found the following quotations of Burroughs in ZWS:

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Miquel Angel

jerome said...

So Burroughs was "Sister Burroughs" writing letters of support to CTR at the time of the S D Rogers problems. She wrote letters, she wrote numerous hymns (some of Zion's Glad Songs have her lyrics to McPhail's music) and then later under her real name Ophelia she goes and gets married to A P Adams!

I wonder who attended the wedding?

jerome said...

Thanks to Miquel for all the references. I find it interesting that ZWT was reprinting Ophelia's lyrics in 1909, several years after she had become the second Mrs A P Adams.

Semer said...

Apropos, I've always wondered if the opposser's papers or their contents are still in existence.

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Some issues of Paton's magazine exist. We have four years of Spriti of the Word, Adams' magazine. We know of no issues of Rice's Last Trump. Myers' Millenarian seems to be lost except for one issue. Many isssues of Herald of the Morning exist, but many more are missing.

There is a reference in zion's watch tower to a magazine published in California. It seems unimportant. It exists today only as articles clipped from it stored in a scrapbook. We found nothing relevant in it.

A few later copies of Zion's Day Star (then retitled as Day Star) exist. We can't afford the microfilm fee.

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

That would be "Spirit of the Word."