Tuesday, April 28, 2015


You won't hear much from us through the summer. Between us we've agreed to write three specialty textbooks that must be ready by end of August. They don't require original research, but they are still labor intensive.

We are open to articles by others. If you want to submit an article relevant to Watch Tower history, email it to me at rm de vienne @ yahoo.com. It must be footnoted. It must be verifiable, solid history. If it isn't, it won't see publication here. Bad writing wont see publication either. But ... if you want to try your hand at it, feel free. I prefer original research and an article with some depth.

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jerome said...

Can you post an updated list of research that is still needed - data that you view as still crucial rather than just optional for the project? Some readers may not want to write an article, but they could still chip away trying to find material you could use.