Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Here's the scoop

Bruce collapsed in his classroom this afternoon and is in ER. I don't think they're keeping him in the hospital, though he is somewhat disoriented. I spoke with him briefly on the phone. He has passed the history project on to me, and I'm reactivating it.

Working on this project had been fun but frustrating. It is now a ten year old endeavor that has produced two solidly researched books. It has brought some slight interest and an occasional offensive comment. You don't see those. But we get them. Some of those who support (at least morally) this project are sexist and self-righteous. But we appreciate the support for this project. Just don't bring your social views to this blog.

I'm chronically ill too, so two 'sickies' have run this project. It will be considerably slowed with just one researcher and author. Also, I'm more blunt on some issues than Mr. Schulz has been. I have nothing invested in Russellite belief or practice. I'm not protective of any religion, even my own. The desire to protect or muddy religious reputations has created the many myths about Watch Tower history prevalent today. But ... if you find a better way of saying something I present here, I will listen.

As I see it - using my preferred outline rather than the one we previously used - volume 2 of Separate Identity is about two-thirds done. There is no cause for excitement. The remaining research will take months.

What do I need from you? We need documentation. If you have insight into an event share it. What goes on the page is up to me. Or if Dr. Schulz is able to return to this project (won't be anytime soon, I reckon.) then up to us both.

We create drama here from time to time. Blame it on Mr. Schulz' age and my illness. Life is very hard for both of us. I probably won't bring back the invitation only blog. I have too much to do right now. I'll reconsider later.


jerome said...

Sorry to hear about Bruce's current health problems and hope that he is soon better. And that your own health issues don't interfere with your life too much. You mentioned your revised outline for volume 2. Is there any possibility of posting something on that, as an indicator on which areas of research others may assist with? Where are the gaps at present?

Donald said...

What time period with th second volume cover? Might it be best to simply consolidate and publish what you have? All the best for Mr Schulz and yourself health wise!