Friday, October 16, 2015

Temporory Posts

In the past material posted on this blog was taken by others without credit. It was used on controversialist web pages, often distorted from the original material. Hard work, reputation, and money goes into our research. When people use our work for their own profit, they steal from us. We used to post longer bits of research, sometimes entire chapters, to an invitation only blog. Our expectation was that we would generate helpful, knowledgeable comments. That did not happen.

We have deleted that blog, and it will not return. We still hope for informed comments. Our 'compromise' is a temporary post. Probably, we won't get any comments or meaningful questions. But one can always hope.


Anonymous said...

I do not have access to resources you may require but I do have much respect for your work, though that does not provide much in the way of concrete help, I admit.

Theft of another person's intellectual property is theft nonetheless. I would certainly advise action on this matter even if only to post the problem on exJW forums in order that perhaps others may be alerted to this.

Your solution is fair.

Thank you,


Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...


All but one site took the material down on our complaint. They were all instantly cooperative. The remaining web page eventually altered its page based on a blunt criticism in vol 1 of separate identity.We didn't name the site, but we described it well enough that the owner got the point.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear, thank you.