Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Amateur films from the 1940s and 1950s

Rachael suggested that these might make a nice "filler" for the blog, although far too recent for the era being researched. These two films have turned up on YouTube. They come from Britain.

One is a series of amateur films of the witnesses' conventions and preaching work from the 1940s. There is a commentary of sorts from someone who was "there". I wasn't "there" but I knew personally some of those featured. The other is a film of the 1955 international convention at Twickenham. I was definitely "there" - somewhat shorter than I am now - but alas, am not preserved on celluloid on this occasion. For any British readers of this blog of the right age - enjoy!


Hal.9000 said...

Thank you so much! the second video has an extraordinary quality for its time, congratulations to those who have filmed and digitized it :)

roberto said...

Thanks Jerome!

Miquel Angel Plaza-Navas said...

Two excellent visual histories!!!
That from 1940s was very interesting for me.

Andrew Martin said...

Thank you Jerome, for sharing highlights of what was best about the "New World Society" during that era.

One suggestion: Would it be possible to disable comments on YouTube? Otherwise, the links become an attraction for detractors.


jerome said...

In response to Andrew Martin - my only connection with these videos is that a correspondent in Canada sent me a link, and so I sent the link to Rachael. If any other readers see things that might interest the readership here, then by all means run it past the blog owners to decide if it should be posted. But I do agree that disabling comments is wise with this kind of material.