Thursday, September 29, 2016


Our emails are attached to our blogger profiles. I'm on twitter. Mr. Schulz does not use any social media.

There are some rules. We do not debate theology. Our work is all about history and only about history. Do not email us to promote your beliefs. Do email us if you have something to contribute to our historical research.

We usually do not have time to assist you with your personal research, but if you have a question that concerns the era we research, we will consider it. Direct  your questions and comments first to me. I'll pass them on to those most likely to answer in an informed way.

Most of what appears on the internet as 'Watch Tower History' is nonsense. We do not have time to correct every wild speculation and fabrication floating on the internet. But if you have a specific question, we will do our best to direct you to the facts as we know them.

We accept blog article submissions. Submissions must be in Word format with indented paragraphs, preferably fully justified. Articles must be footnoted to original sources. While you may reference secondary sources, your facts should be derived from primary sources. Submit photos in .gif format. Blogger loves .gif best.

Expect your article to be edited. Expect it to be rejected without explanation. We may return your article for a rewrite, a revision, or further research. If this will damage your ego (You'd be surprised how many find the editing and submission processes ego wounding.) don't submit to us. We will consider articles covering the  Russell years and sometimes the early Rutherford years. Send submissions to Mr. Schulz. I'm busy with a handful of things and no longer manage blog issues.


roberto said...

Make your historical article. "If at first you do not succeed, try, try again"

Luís Vitoriano said...

What email address should I use to submit and article? Please inform me. I don't mind being edited...

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

rm de vienne @ yahoo [dot] com without the spaces