Wednesday, September 14, 2016

We need ...

First edition of Separate Identity made it to press with typos and such. We need a list of them all. We continue to work on getting an ebook out, though it's 'paused' because of another issue.

There is a possibility that a well-known university press will take on the books. Don't count on it. We have several 'issues' to overcome. One is cost. As it's published now, the cost is moderate. It would increase perhaps by an overwhelming amount. George's book costs about 150.00 USD. We want our book to be read. So we're just 'talking' with nothing at all settled. If you don't hear about this again, assume we couldn't reach an agreement.

But we still need to clean up the book. So read through it; note the typos; send me a list.

Also, if you really want to help, recommend the books to your friends, and leave a review on Amazon, googlebooks and lulu. Reviews are important. Those we have are good, but we don't have many.


Andrew Martin said...

Glad to contribute to this project - I actually used to be a proofreader for six years.

I'll start on it this evening.

Gary Perkins said...

I have today added to the positive Amazon reviews. It is not difficult to wax lyrical about the Separate Identity volume 1. The hard thing is to think how it could be improved, although I have suggested one idea.

Gary Perkins

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

I don't see your review, but it might not show up immediately.

Andrew Martin said...

Gary - your review appears on Amazon now (at 10 pm EST), and it's a very fine one.

Personally, I find it significant that, despite the controversial nature of the basic topic, and the numerous critics of C. T. Russell personally and of Watch Tower theology, there are no negative reviews on Amazon. To this reader, that merely confirms the success of the two authors in achieving their common goal: accurate, detailed, unbiased, non-polemical history.

jerome said...

Excellent review!