Sunday, December 4, 2016

Photodrama Handbill

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Andrew Martin said...

Regarding R. L. Robie, featured on the Photo-Drama handbill:

The journal "The Osteopathic Physician" of 1912 includes the following notice:
"Dr. R. L. Robie, of Belvidere, Illinois, made a flying trip to New York City, March 26th." Could that possibly have been a trip to visit (and possibly treat) Charles T. Russell?

A newspaper report [BDR newspaper - possibly Belvidere, Illinois?] of January 20, 1913 reported the following on the services of Mrs. Lettie Hayes (nee Bachelder):

"The services at the chapel consisted of the reading of the 90 Psalm-prayer by Ed. S. Pepper, and the address by Dr. R. L. Robie, representing the Internation[al] Bible Students' association. Dr. Robie took for the text, Psa. 30, 5, "Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning." (There are several
paragraphs of sermon next)"

The Indianapolis Star of August 28, 1925, page 3, covering a convention in that city, lists Dr. R. L. Robie as still being associated with the Bible Students, and includes him in a photo with convention speakers.

I have been unable to establish any connection between Dr. R. L. Robie and Frederick C. Robie of Chicago, owner of Robie House, Frank Lloyd Wright's historic structure.