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We need every WT use of the phrases "changed condition" and "change of condition" from 1920 to 1950. If you have the searchable disks and time to find this, we would be grateful.


Johnsc11 said...

I will do it.

Johnsc11 said...

Changed Condition

1924- 2 Instances
1. April 1 1924- Page 180
- With the changed conditions of for he hath torn, intercourse with foreign nations was much more frequent; but this did not now corrupt their worship so much as their manner of living.

2. Feb 15, 1924 page 63
-However, the wars in Saul's time in which Israel became Involved, and the changed conditions of life, developed amongst them men who became educated in governmental matters.

1928: 1 March 1st pg 77
-To it are allied others forced upon the minds of many by the changed conditions of the world, namely, What should be my attitude toward my neighbor?

1939: 1 December 15. Pg 375-377
Changed conditions is the title Of the article on these pages.

Johnsc11 said...

Change of Condition

August 1 1925 pg 230
"After he started Ins lecture, he quoted Bible verses showing that soon there would be a great change of conditions in earth for the bet-terment of the people."

Dec 15,1939 pg 376
"Being self-exalted and self-important, they have spurned God's goodness, and therefore a complete change of condition in re-gard to them has come about."

May 15, 1940 pg 154
"The enemies of THE THEOCRACY being cleared out at .Armageddon, as stated in verse five of the prophecy, there will be a complete change of conditions, and then the faithful servants of God shall come into possession of things which the enemy have previ-ously occupied wrongfully: "And the sea coast shall be dwellings and cottages for shepherds, and folds for flocks." (Zeph. 2: 6)"