Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Can you translate this? [click image to view entire]


Anonymous said...

Im a greek JW,I can translate it if you like
"Beloved and dearest brother in Christ,G.Tsalpatouro.Rejoice in the Lord and may His Grace be upon you forever.
Brother Stamoulas brought to the office 5 dollars that you gave to him as a contribution to the Lord's Work and thus we gave them to the Association for this purpose.We pray to the Lord so as He will reward you with heavenly treasures along with greace and knowledge so as you greadually grow spiritually in the image of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and thus , you will be given the crown of life in the end, which the Righteous Judge promised to all those who love his manifestation.
We also desire as you pray for us,our dearest,so as we receive the spirit of wisdom from the Lord,and His help so as we can manage all these with His wisdom,in the purpose to His glory and the edification of the brothers,the witness to the world and the comfort of many.
Accept our deep gratitude,dear brother George,and be sure what we pray for you without ceasing so as God protect you alwaysand by faith you will receive the great slavation ,which will be revealed to us after a while (1 Peter 1:4,5)
We send our christian kiss and we always are your brothers and servants in Christ,always eager to serve the Truth
Watchtower Bible and Tract Society
And I, your brother Stamoulas ,kiss you in love.

Anonymous said...

5 Dollars equals to 104 Dollars today. A generous donation and a lovely thank you letter in return. Thanks John for translating. ~~