Thursday, January 26, 2017


from Franco

In French-speaking Switzerland, in 1914-1915, postcards were distributed or mailed to potentially interested parties. One side featured a landscape picture, while the other side was an invitation to attend a "religious conference", at a given time and location.

Some examples of these materials are below:


Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Thanks to Franco for sharing and to Jerome for posting for me.

Andrew Martin said...

Thanks for sharing these. Now were these mailed under the auspices of Alexandre Freytag, branch manager in Geneve at the time?

Bernhard said...

Branch overseer till 1916 was Adolf Weber. Freytag served from 1916-1920.

roberto said...

Grazie Franco, manda altro materiale in lingua francese dell'era Russell.
Thanks Franco, send other French material of Russell's era.

bruciolis said...

Andrew Martin and Bernard:
Weber was the director manager in Yverdon, where there was a literature depot and a small office, until June 1912.
In July 1912, the Watchtower opened an office in Geneva, Rue de la Tour Maitresse and Freytag became
the director until the month of September 1919.
In October it was removed by Rutherford and the office was moved to Bern.
The postcards are datated 1914/1915 (Russel was living and Freytag didn't create problems) and they had the inscription there was written "Tour de Garde rue de la Tour Maîtresse n° 10 Genève" .

Bernhard said...

Thanks for the correction. I knew that the changed the place in 1912. Gives there a reference that Freytag became from the begining in 1912 workoverseer and not later?

bruciolis said...

for Bernhard:
I was wrong, I stand corrected.
The name of Weber as director, is located in the Tour de Garde
(french Watchtower magazine) until the month of May 1912.
From June 1912 until January 1916 he was appointed Emil
Lanz director of the Geneva office.
Freytag helped translate in French the Watchtower magazine.
However the name of Freytag, as director of the Geneva office,
It is located in the Tour de Garde (French magazine) since February 1916.