Tuesday, February 7, 2017

An Italian postcard

from Franco

From the 1982 Yearbook pages 129-130

“Now let us go back to the end of World War 1. Shortly after 1918, Brother Marcello Martinelli, who had come to a knowledge of the truth in the United States, returned to Italy. He was a native of Valtellina, one of the beautiful valleys in the Rhaetian Alps leading down to Lake Como, and he covered this territory a number of times with the Kingdom message. In 1923 he became a "colporteur," and joined Brother Remigio Cuminetti in the Pinerolo area.”

In 1923 the two men sent a postcard to Fanny Balmas.

Fanny Balmas was the widow of Lugli Balmas, who lived at San Germano, Chisone, Gondini fraction (see 1982 Yearbook page 119). The postcard (reproduced below) is dated August 21, 1923.


Susa, Tuesday, August 21 (1923)
Our beloved sister in the Lord
That His kindness will always be increased. We came here last night after a very good trip 70 Km.We are discreetly housed. Today we will try ground.  May the Lord assist us with his grace and blessing for the great merits of the Redeemer, and bless both those who  are dear to us and who fight with us in spirit.
The address is: Trattoria degli Alpini Susa Turin.
Greetings and kisses from your dear Marcello (Martinelli) and humble brother Remigio (Cuminetti).
Psalm 121

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