Saturday, February 4, 2017

Can we attach this to Zion's Watch Tower.

It is unlikely because of the date, but it is not impossible. Anyone want to pursue this research?

Chater was a Brethren writer. There is no ZWT connection.

This one is slightly more possible. Can we say definitely one way or the other if this was connected to Zion's Watch Tower: 

Hucklesby was also a Brethren Preacher. No Watch Tower connection.


Anonymous said...

In researching early Bible Student activity in British newspapers some time back, I came across a number of references to Chart Talks which, I incorrectly assumed, to have been related to Bible Students. I subsequently found that many of these were related to other groups holding similar dispensationalist views,including Brethren, Christadelphian and Adventists. It eventually became apparent that chart talks = Millennial Dawnists/Bible Students was too simplistic an equation, although, of course, in several instances the equation did prove true!

Son of Ton

Anonymous said...

I can subscribe to this for a month and provide access if you wish or, possibly, do some of the research for you if you give me clear direction. No need to post this comment. Contact me at bruceread at Gmail.