Friday, February 24, 2017

J F Rutherford in Wales (1910)

From the South Wales Daily Post for June 30, 1910

With grateful thanks to correspondent "Dienw" who pointed me in the right direction. (Approximate translation of "Dienw" is "Anon")


Anonymous said...

Thank you to Dienw. This, and Rutherford's 1914 series of lectures throughout the British Isles, along with his work here on the Class Extension Campaign certainly gives the lie to Hudson's bizarre suggestion that prior to his Presidency Rutherford he was "hardly known in this country." (Page 93) Bible Students in Britain knew him very well at the time, although presumably by the time Hudson compiled his history (1989) few dissenting Bible Students remained to correct him.

Son of Ton

Anonymous said...

There was also a follow-up report of Rutherford's lecture.....just saying :)

jerome said...

Hudson's obituary (written in 2000), when you do the math, show that his active commitment to Bible Student matters dated from 1917. Also, again reading between the lines in his history book, he only personally saw J F Rutherford for the first time in 1922. So he very likely had no personal knowledge of JFR's visits to Britain before the first World War, simply passing on hearsay testimony - perhaps from decades after events - that had an obvious agenda.