Saturday, February 25, 2017

Polish adherents

In statistics from 2013, around 9,500,000 Americans declared they were of Polish descent. That is around 3% of the American population. Various factors, including Poland being a political football for so much of its history, resulted in large numbers leaving for other lands, particularly America. It was not surprising that many of Polish ancestry would accept the ZWT message in America, and would then send the news back to relatives in the Old Country.

The 1994 Yearbook covers the history of Poland and makes the point that around the year 1914 “of all the foreign-language groups of Bible Students in the United States at that time, those of Polish origin were among the largest and most active.”

They were to set up their own legal corporation in America, which later merged with the Watch Tower Society.

Franco has kindly sent some photographs of the Golden Age magazine in Polish (Zloty Wyek). He sent around a year’s worth of covers, which space doesn’t allow us to reproduce, but I have chosen four that are typical of the period. The Polish edition of Golden Age started in 1925, and these examples are from c. 1926.

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Four very striking covers.