Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Recent visits. Nice. Few comments. Not at all nice.


Andrew said...

If I may be so bold, I suspect that some visitors to thin blog may not comment because they feel they cannot contribute anything meaningful to the blog. (I count myself among them, although I often comment.)

You are professional historians, and most of us are not. So visitors may feel that their comments would not be helpful.

From time to time, you have said that you welcome comments, and that you want visitors to comment because what they think might be trivial might turn out to be quite important.

Here's an idea: Give an example or two of comments you have received in the past from blog readers that have turned out to be very useful to you. Perhaps that will give blog readers more confidence that their contributions may indeed turn out to be helpful.


Andrew Martin said...

I was encouraged to see some visits from Australia and New Zealand. Surely they might have useful contacts for future research?

Personally I would hope to see visitors from Liberia and South Africa, since there was activity there around 1900 which might add to later chapters of the story.