Thursday, February 9, 2017

Work in the UK - VERY temporary post

We've returned to this while we wait on documents to arrive. Minor changes and updates. Usual rules. Do not share it. Copy for your own use. Realize it may change. Do not post elsewhere. It will not be up long. Some comments would be good. You can do that, right?

This post deleted.


Andrew said...

I am constantly amazed by your continuing ability to do exhaustive and relevant research. You never seen to tire out! Thank you for your hard work, and by setting a good example of how to do accurate and interesting research.


jerome said...

I enjoyed reading this updated material.

Footnote 15 is about a letter that Sunderlin wrote to ZWT from London before he was taken ill. I find it interesting that Sunderlin sent exactly the same letter to The Restitution. It can be found in the November 2, 1881 issue, page 2.

Anonymous said...

A thoroughly enjoyable article. The structure of listing the towns and cities appealed to me. Thank you for all your research.

roberto said...

I've read it carefully. Can anybody tell me if someone in the world has ever written something on the issue? This is the first time that I read a complete, exhaustive, and detailed account of dozens of reviews, positive and negative, of that time. I say again and again: Bruce and Rachael, are simply the best.