Saturday, May 8, 2010

Help ...

We need someone with more talent than we seem to possess to scan the picture of Henry Smith Warleigh found in Froom's Conditionalist Faith of Our Fathers and edit it into usable clarity.

Have any of you researched Russell's "gospel church" doctrine. We're interested in insights into its origins.

We still need to see Bible Students Tracts number two and three.

We have several regular blog readers who live in Florida. Any of you want to check some county records for us? It would be a labour of love. We couldn't reimburse you at all.

Any documented insights into Zion's Watch Tower Tract Society finances in the 1880's would help.

We still need to actually SEE the Warleigh tract that Storrs published. We also need a clear digital scan of its front page.

We need a good digital scan on The Minister's Daughter.


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Anonymous said...

origins of Russell's gospel doctrine is likely Henry Dunn. See the Destiny of the Human Race.