Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Albert Delmont Jones

Things you haven't seen or don't know ...

Albert Delmont Jones was a principal stock holder in the Knickerbocker Bank of New York, founded in 1889. The bank was short lived. He lost a significant amount of money, apparently, and this seems to have been the motive behind his theft of funds. This two dollar bill was issued by the bank, and you can see Jones' signature as treasurer on the bottom left.

It'd be nice to have one of these, wouldn't it? Make a nice addition to a Watchtower history collection ... but the bill pictured above sold at auction for twenty-four thousand one hundred fifty dollars at Smythe's Spring Currency & Stock and Bond Auction in 2006.

Above is an advertisement for The Day Star from 1885. Notice that he had dropped "Zion's" from the title.

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