Sunday, May 30, 2010

Research assistance needed ...

There is a strong, contemporary assertion of the presence of believers in the UK before Food for Thinking Christians was circulated. Other than one statement we have no details. Anyone know anything?

We need more material detailing public reaction to Food for Thinking Christians in the United States, United Kingdom (Including all of Ireland at that time), and Canada. Newspaper comments would be great. Anyone?

We still haven't identified J. J. Bender. We have three good possibilities, but can't connect any of them to Russell. help!

Russell's first preaching tour with Barbour took them from Rochester, New York, to Louisville Kentucky. We need a volunteer in Louisville or in Kentucky somewhere willing to look through microfilms of old newspapers from 1877 to find the advertisement for Russell's lecture in Louisville.

We need a photo of Lizzy A. Allen. Also needed are her obituary. We believe she died in Buchannan, Michigan, but can't prove it and have no details.

How shall I put this politely? Apparently there is no really polite way ... Someone has suggested that Paton took the younger Miss Allen as his mistress. We can't prove that and have no solid indication that it is so. Anyone know? We'd need some solid proof, not mere speculation.

Sunderlin was for a while a Methodist clergyman in New York. There must be a photo out there. Anyone know where?

Several people prominent in what became Church of God General Conference or cognate groups associated with Russell in the 1880s and early 1890s. Anyone know details?

We need early issues of The Millennarian. Issues before 1895 would help.

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