Wednesday, May 23, 2012

One of our blog readers wants more information about this booklet ... anyone?


J.V. Smart said...
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Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

This is in Italian.

Benjamin Barton said...

It is published in the war and was also published in other European languages like Dutch. Because of it being published under ban it has no date in the Dutch version, but many of these publications came from Switzerland to Holland and in this case probably Italy. This one has an address so it could also have been used in Switzerland were Italian is one of the 4 languages. I would like to know if there is a date or a copyright notice on the inside. Many of these booklets that where published in Europe during the war did not have copyright notices or a date. But since this one has a address it might have been for Switserland.

jerome said...

This site has this booklet in the German language, and gives the publication date as 1942, published in Berne, Switzerland.

If Roberto can supply some of the text in English, we may be able to link it up with something published in a different format in English.

roberto said...

For Benjamin Barton:
There is no date in the Italian edition. In the second page it is written in Italian language: "Author J. F. Rutherford, Publisher Jehovah's Witnesses Association of Switzerland, Typography Watch Tower Bern, Printed in Switzerland". Italian, French, German, and a Roman dialect are the four national languages.
The original booklet is in the swiss branch. The italian branch don't know this booklet.

For Jerome:
The booklet is 32 pages.
The title is: God's Imperium" or "God's Rule".
First subtitle: "Message of hope for all men of good will".
Second subtitle: "God's Kingdom".
Third subtitle: "The last days have come".
Fourth subtitle: "How God punished the arrogance (haugtiness, presumption, insolence)".
Fifth subtitle: "Armageddon"

I am waiting for the permission to send Rachael a scanned copy of the entire booklet

Benjamin Barton said...

Dutch and German title would translate more like "Theocratic Ambassador's"
During the war several booklets where published that do not have a English version but they might have come from older publications. I have seen a book translation that was not previously published in Dutch that was used in several magazine issues to fill the pages. The fact that it does have a address of the Swiss Branch in it is strange if Italy was the target because it might have been dangerous to write to it from Italy during the war, but I am not familiar with the postal service in Italy during the war and whether it was monitored.

Benjamin Barton said...

I checked my library and one of my copies has 1936 written on it. But the brother who wrote that has been wrong before, so I cannot be sure about that. And I noticed a ad on the back of another one that also mentioned "Comfort all that Mourn"
1 chapter is about the Trinity discussing whether God is One or triune, another is called: "Elihu a Man that Could not Flatter." Another one is called: "The Future Rulers of the Earth." Another chapter is called: "The Last Days have Approached"
The Author is listed as Judge Rutherford.

Benjamin Barton said...

It might be that the German and Dutch edition differ from the Italian version and only the picture on the front is the same or that part of it is different like the Golden Age and Consolation that had different articles in different languages like in the case of the German GA or even only for different Countries like the Australian Consolations

roberto said...

To Benjamin Barton and Jerome

Is it possible to see on this blog the cover of the booklet in dutch and german language?

In the next days I'll translate the first page of the italian booklet.

Benjamin Barton said...

Here is the direct link to the German edition

When I wrote "On the back of another one" I mend another booklet not the Dutch version of this booklet. Just to be clear because when I reread it, I noticed it looked as if the ad for "comfort all that Mourn" was on another version of Theocratic Ambassador's.
I will scan the cover of the Dutch
version later and post it.

Benjamin Barton said...

Here is the cover of the Dutch version.

Just select from http to jpg and copy and paste it in your browser if you read it here if you get this in your email you can just click on it of course.