Monday, September 2, 2013

This was on ebay and we missed it ....

This is an envelope addressed to C. W. Buvinger, MD while he was attached to Sherman's Army in Georgia. Buvinger met and admired Storrs. He was swayed by Barbour, and we lose sight of him after about 1880, as far as his belief system goes. Interestingly, his wife was attending "Russellite" meetings in Pittsburgh in the early 20th century.
We do not know where C. W. Buvinger finally stood on issues dividing Barbour and Russell. We have limited access to Buvinger family papers. They say very little about religious issues.


Ton Hollander said...

Okay, but what is it, I can't read the handwriting


jerome said...

The October 1881 Herald of the Morning details Barbour’s “convention” at Rochester, lasting a week in late August that year, with thirteen baptised towards the end of it. The theme was the expectation of Christ’s return that autumn, and the speaking was generally shared between Barbour and A P Adams.

Amongst those who registered, and probably stayed in segregated camping accommodation in a large room above the meeting hall was C W Buvinger, MD. Other Buvingers who registered for the same meeting were P Buvinger and S Buvinger.

Wind the clock forward to 1900. When John Paton visited Pittsburgh, his diary records for July 11 of that year, “called at Dr Buvinger’s.” One assumes this to be C W Buvinger’s son.

jerome said...

The December 1882 Herald of the Morning contains an extract from a letter from Dr Buvinger of Pittsburgh, so he would appear to still be supporting Barbour at this time, or at least was still sympathetic towards Barbour's ministry.