Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I see...

I see from emails and blog comments that I need to clarify my statement. We’re not totally abandoning this project. It’s just not getting the intense attention we gave it over the last four years. 

If blog interest and sales pick up, we will presume that there is also interest in seeing volume two. We’ve received a number of suggestions on promoting the book. We do not have the resources to pursue most of them, and some of them are impractical. 

I would like to gift the Rochester Public Library with the Nelson Barbour book. We don’t have the resources. It wouldn’t promote the book exactly, but they receive queries about Barbour and having it would give them a more authoritative resource.

Professional journal reviews have been suggested. What journals would review Separate Identity is never said. I don’t know of any that would be interested. Do you? The one that would have been, stop publication last year. If you know of one, write the review and submit it.

Our best resource is those who’ve read it and liked it. Tell your friends. Show them the book.

In the mean time, we’ll devote less time (the time devoted to volume one has been immense) to this project. And to the blogs. We have a life outside writing Watch Tower history. And with lower than expected interest, we will reduce the time we spend on both.

It’s down to this: If you want this blog to be updated on any sort of regular basis, leave a comment when you visit. No comments, no updates. We can’t respond to a mythical audience. There is no evidence of interest. The passage of time will tell, I suppose. But if there is interest (outside of a few regular visitors), we don’t see it.

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TJ said...

Well, as a casual reader, I very much appreciate the research being done here. Such research is so overdue!

I've just finished chapter 1 of The Separate Identity, and I'm incredibly impressed with the exhaustive research, even on the minutest of details, that pervades the work. This information is incredibly helpful in understanding how this movement came about and took on the form that it did.

I have little doubt as word spreads about the book (I've begun to recommend it already) that it will come to be recognized as the definitive work on the subject. Well done!