Tuesday, April 15, 2014

So very nice ...

Someone sent this to us. ... For their privacy, I'm not including their name ... but how nice.

Bruce, Rachael . . .

My copy of A Separate Identity: Organizational Identity Among Readers of Zion's Watch Tower arrived yesterday afternoon.

I was able to devour the first twenty pages before Memorial. Rachael, thank you for mentioning me in your opening comments.

It has been a privilege to watch your labor of love grow and take shape, and I wish I could only do more to help. I will continue to push forward and then review the book at Lulu and eBay. But I just want to say at this time, I strongly feel your two-volume work will be the definitive account by which all other biographies of Zion's Watch Tower will be measured. Even if you decide to stop with the second volume, it will still only be the beginning, as future writers will certainly use your research as a stepping stone to launch future examinations of an era so precious to so many.

We all hunger for a deeper understanding of our history. I've lost several close friends who went looking for more information, stumbled into questionable sources, that were not accurate and blatantly promoted speculation to further a personal agenda, and then swallowed the lies without weighing the difference between fact and fiction.

If only one comment were to be allowed, I would like to say . . . thank you for TRUTH.

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