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We need solid biography for ...

Henry E. Hoke was the son of Henry Hoke & his wife Eyster. He was born in Gettysburgh, Pa & lived the greater part of his life, until his marriage, in McConnellsburg (& Mr Hoke says there is no RR in the Co yet). He was a merchant & kept store here in Chambersburg, when he died Oct 5, 1896. His wife Harriet Stenger was born in Peters Tp, the daughter of Peter Stenger of Conrad & his wife Christine Shearer, his step sister. She died Nov 21, 1892 here in Chambersburg, Pa & both buried in Cedar Grove Cem. here. They had eight children.

and for his son Henry Eyster Hoke.

This is all we have:

The Editor’s Eastern Trip


            In the June 1880 issue of Zion’s Watch Tower, Russell announced plans for a month-long speaking tour taking him to nine towns. “The stay at each place will average about two days. I shall expect almost continuous meetings while with you.”

            First on his list was Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. There Henry E. Hoke was in charge of the arrangements. There are several H. E. Hokes, (father, son, grandson) and we’re uncertain which Russell meant. The interest in Chambersburg appears to have been drawn from an Evangelical Adventist conference of nearby congregations calling themselves Messiah’s Church “to distinguish this body from those holding the general name of ‘Adventists.’” Hoke was a member and an agent for The Advent Herald.

We also need to identify "Mrs. M. T. Miner" of Clinton, Massachusetts. She was living there in 1880.


jerome said...

Other than an internet search (which you will already have done) I can't add anything to this, but maybe Ton's access to newspaper archives can do so. But can you give us the connection with Watch Tower History?

Anonymous said...

i have some copy of letter from and to russell rutherford
how can i email you with attachments

Ton Hollander said...

Hello Jerome, As a reaction to your post, Ifound nothing in nwspapers up to now.
But with Internet search there are definite facts to find.
First Familysearch, the 1850 census where we find him and Hariet with their oldest son.
And next he bibles of the families.
ook here: Henry Elias Hoke

born Dec 21, 1822 (Hoke bible, )

married Apr 25, 1849 Henry Elias Hoke & Harriet Stenger were married by Rev Wm Philips

Harriet Stenger born Nov 19, 1827
daughter of Peter Stenger and Christiana Stenger
Stenger bible

Patents by Henry Elias Hoke:

What is needed from his son Henry?

Ton Hollander said...

The only MT Miner in Clinton, Worcester Co is found here:
in teh 1880 census

1900 census

1870 census