Friday, August 22, 2014


Several have emailed concerns for our health. They see that we haven’t posted for a while, and they’re worried. Bruce suffers from old age issues. He hasn’t posted regularly for sometime, leaving that to me or Jerome. He continues to write, and he is teaching again this year. We’re both very busy with start of school meeting and planning.

I’ve been in and out of the hospital with my usual issues. But we’re working on volume two of Separate Identity at a steady pace. Current research issues are the most difficult we’ve faced. If you don’t see a comment here, it’s because we are following trails so faint that sometimes we despair. It is worth while though. If you want a peek, ponder how Henry George, the economist, William McKinley, an assassinated French politician and Presidents Grant and Lincoln fit into Watch Tower history. Have fun with that.

Following vague hints in Watch Tower articles to a factual story is challenging.


Someone asked Bruce if we would continue our histories into the Rutherford era. I don’t know. We have a developing archive. Time is the issue. People don’t live forever. Neither of us will continue if the something happens to the other. Time will tell.


I spend more time thinking about my classes than about Watch Tower history. That will continue for the next few weeks. When the new students settle down and my classes fall into a workable routine, I can refocus. The same is true for Mr. Schulz.

Because this blog isn’t about personalities or hobbies or private affairs, we seldom post personal comments. But I wish you could see Bruce’s students respond to him. He can’t walk down the main hall in his school without many greetings and occasional hugs from the lower grades students. It is interesting to watch this tough as nails, no-nonsense man generate this kind of affection from students and staff.

I’ll be up there and in his school for a seminar mid-week next. Afterward we’ll review the outline for volume 2 of Separate Identity. It needs to be reworked – again.

So be patient with our posts. Write your own. If it’s well supported by documentation and not a polemic, I’ll consider it. Make the writing stellar.

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TheTrumpetSeventh said...

It would be so fascinating to have a history which relates the Rutherford era and the great conflicts they happened during that time.
We have read many things about Brother Russell, but I think we can focus on Brother Rutherford too.