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It is probably not fruitful to ask, but we need the details of the ...

Faith Cure Convention, held in Pittsburgh's Third Presbyterian Church, November 24-25, 1885. A. B. Simpson attended and (we think) so did W. H. Conley.



jerome said...

There is a write up in the Pittsburgh Commercial Gazette for November 25, 1885, full column on the right hand side of the front page.

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jerome said...

The next day’s issue of the paper gave a far more detailed review of the second and last day. It covers most of the first two columns on page 8, and crucially does not need deciphering. It is very easy to read. The newspaper can be found at:


Then scroll through to page 8.

It lists many names (alas not Conley’s) and examples of people being cured, They include Miss Moorhead, who would later found a Bible School connected with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. The tone of the review can be summed up by the example:
“This was Miss Morgan of South 13th Street whose “cure” has so thoroughly been discussed in the city papers. As she stood there she looked more like a person ready for the grave than anything else.”