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"A Message in a Bottle"

(The author is currently researching an article on Gertrude Seibert, the unofficial poetess of the Bible Student movement for many years. Here is a snippet about her to be going on with. Sadly, we do not know what her message to future generations actually was, or where the baking can and contents eventually ended up. Note that George Fisher, co-writer/compiler of The Finished Mystery, was a house visitor at the time.)

From: The Daily News (Huntingdon, Pennsylvania) for Saturday, June 19, 1948, page 6.

Old can found in porch

In fulfilling a promise to recount some incidents not included in a previous contribution, “An Early Spring Journey Along Pioneer Trail” (April 17 and 24), we will now tell of the contents of an old baking powder can which was found at the American Legion Post Home in Rockhill Furnace. This large can - probably of 10 pounds capacity - was found while tearing out an old porch during recent alterations to the post home. The can, with its contents, was evidently placed there by Mrs Gertrude W. Seibert, wife of R.S. Seibert, then president and general manager of the East Broad Top Railroad.

Mrs. Seibert doubtless believed the can would remain in obscurity until a far-later period, as a communication she had written was found therein, dated August 25, 1910, and continued: “To Future Generations, from Gertrude W. Seibert, Orbisonia, Pa. - This house was opened as a Hotel in 1876 and converted to a residence in January 1905, for Officials of the Rockhill Iron and Coal Co., and the East Broad Top Railroad and Coal Co. This porch was built in August 1910; carpenters employed: Joseph N. Stevens, foreman, John Steward, Elmer Foster, Frank Smyers, Z James Reed - Persons at present residing in this building are R.S. Seibert and Wife; C.D. Jones, Wife and child (Dorothy); Roberts D, Royer T and Wife; Byron Woodcock. VISITORS - George H. Fisher and Wife, of Scranton, Pa., Harry A. Guefricae and Wife of Robertsdale; Charles H. Jones, 20 Broad Street, New York City; John S. Etnier, Wife, Son and Daughter, Mill Creek, Pa.  EMPLOYEES - Lulu Hollabaugh, Rockhill; Grace Dieffey, Love Valley.

Articles in Can

Listed among other articles in the can were an East Broad Top Railroad timetable No. 29, effective June 27, 1910, and these publications; two copies of Watch Tower, July 15 and August 1, 1910; National Labor Tribune, August 25, 1910; The North American (Philadelphia) of the same date and a copy of the Mount Union Times of August 21, 1908.

The writer is grateful to Murray Slaughter, manager of the post home, for the privilege of examining the contents of the old can, as well as other kindly courtesies extended by him during my visit to the beautiful home of the American Legion in Rockhill Furnace.

Author note:

It’s not quite the contents of the United Cemeteries pyramid, but interesting nonetheless.

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