Monday, August 31, 2015

Generally ...

We've had several queries about the Russell divorce transcript. Its in the official record. You can obtain it from the court in Pittsburgh.

We have a copy, but it is too big to attach to an email file, and Mr. Schulz is considering publishing a copy as a low cost ebook. We have formatting issues and epub issues to over come first. Most of the extracts you read online are out of context and occasionally false.

I understand reluctance to share sources when you're writing something. But our general policy is to make original documents available even if we're using them. This time we intend (so Mr. Schulz says) to do that through ebook format. So have some patience. We are considering publishing the Russell v. Brooklyn Eagle transcript too.

Remember that we have other jobs. Mr. Schulz is aged and ill. He lectures a few times a week, but does very little else while he recovers from a prolonged illness. Please do not email him. He won't answer you. He's turned that over to his oldest daughter and to me.

Also, we seldom allow links to controversialist web pages. They're usually full of poorly thought out material. So a post meant to be helpful has been disallowed on that basis. We do appreciate the attempt to help.

It will be a few more weeks before this blog returns to full life. The school term starts this week. I'm still working on a history text book. But things will settle down, and we have things to tell you. Some will be new to you.


Semer said...

Was there only one Russell vs Russell trial or two?

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...