Thursday, November 26, 2015

Where we are more or less

            I appreciate the kind words of support and the helpful comments. So does Mr. Schulz, who, while somewhat restricted because of health and old-age issues, continues to work on this project.    
            We would welcome reader reviews on Amazon, B & N, and Google Books. And on I’m not certain why we aren’t getting many. A book we consider trash history has many. It’s a puzzle. But reviews help.
            We’ve split off part of the chapter entitled Out of Babylon. The section about clergy who expressed interest will become a short, stand-alone chapter. We’re about half done with that. It has no introduction and no analysis yet, and I have three years and two months of original ZWT to read through. The reprints omit most of the pertinent letters, so a decision made in 1920 gives a false color to some of the earliest history.
            When we’re done with Out of Babylon and the as yet untitled new chapter, we’ll sit down and read through everything we’ve written thus far. It’s time to revise our outline. We think there are maybe seven chapters or eight left to write.

Major things to research and write include:

  1. Startup of ZWT and continuing controversy with Barbour and Adams.
  2. The 1881 issues
  3. New workers and new doctrines
  4. Paton’s defection
  5. A D Jones and his issues.
  6. Conley’s faith cure and money issues.
  7. Liberia, Australia, other lands.
  8. Roots of self-view
  9. View of social issues.

That’s not an exhaustive list. Each time we re-read the WT we find new things. But we’re pushing to finish this.

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