Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Not so wild wild suspcion

The evidence is so slim as to be suspect, very suspect, but we're working on the supposition that Brother van der Ahe was Chris von (also van) der Ahe, the owner of the Browns baseball team. All we have is the possibility that he met a Watch Tower evangelist in New York. We think the possibility is strong. He had a connection to Pittsburgh, were he was well known.

We need to prove or disprove this. We're up against a brick wall. Can you do better?

We believe his interest was short lived. We believe that personal difficulties started it and ended it. But, everything is just suspicion. Help!

We probably have to give this up, as fun as it would be to have a drunken baseball club owner in the story. Our focus has switched to William Van der Ahe, aka vonderahe and vondera, etc. He appears to have been a clerk, maybe in Russell's Federal Street Store. HELP!

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jerome said...

I looked him up on Wikipedia - not always the most reliable source - but it made a good read. Chris bought the Browns in 1882, having worked out that spectators would spend their money in saloons, a business in which he already had some experience. By 1885 he was erecting a statue in his own honor; a statue which now adorns his grave, after he died from drink related illness in 1913. I would LOVE him to be the “Brother” in the history, but there must be a lot of other “van Aye” contenders out there.