Saturday, January 30, 2016

Seeking the lost ...

Here's our current research challenge, or one of them at least. We need the name of the physician:

The Doctor

            We have no name for this person, though we know he was active in Georgia, handing out one of the extensively printed ‘sample copies’ of Zion’s Watch Tower. A letter to The St. Paul, Minnesota, Enterprise written by a “Mrs. W” tells the story. In 1885 the local physician was noted for his personal evangelism in behalf of the Watch Tower faith:

Like others of our town, in Georgia, I thought the physician who tried to give me the Truth was “As crazy as a March hare;” for his talk was so different from anything I had ever before heard as Scripture. Providentially, however, the old Doctor left on my table a copy of the Watch Tower – at that time a little sheet about the size of a Bible Student’s Monthly, or a little larger; and after reading one article, I began to “search the Scriptures daily whether these things were true.” From that time on I have never for one instant doubted that what I had found was indeed the Truth.[1]

[1]               Voice of the People: What our Readers Say, St. Paul, Minnesota, Enterprise, May 8, 1914.

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