Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Location of Bible House

In response to the question on the previous post on Bible House, I have been sent a map of modern Allegheny/Pittsburgh, where the red dot shows the former location of the building. The nearest street is West Commons Street.

You may need to enlarge the picture to see the streets more clearly.

For these kind of queries I can recommend the book 'Watch Tower of Allegheny Historical Tour' which is available from Amazon and other places. Google and ye shall find.


Anonymous said...

The book sounds good, but at £105:29 plus postage ... I think I'll give that a miss!

Son of Ton

Donald Jacobs said...

Are there any good maps of Watch Tower properties in Brooklyn over the years?

Donald Jacobs said...

Wow I had no idea this book existed. I've ordered it now.

Not sure where you got the high price Son of Ton, but it's available on eBay and Amazon for $35.

jerome said...

The author's own website now directs you to eBay or Amazon - and $35 is the price.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, I see. $35 on Amazon.com, but £105:29 on Amazon.co.uk.

Thanks for your help Donald and Jerome.

Son of Ton