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George Stubbs, Jr. was born April 18, 1855, in Fullarton, Ontario, into an English immigrant family. He was the second of eight children and seems to have lived an unremarkable life. We know he married Harriet Cole and that they had four children but little else. His father, George Sr., moved the family to Shelby, Michigan, in 1867. According to his obituary George Sr. was noted for his piety and studiousness:

No extended eulogy is deemed necessary of this good man that has lived so long in our midst – certainly no more than has often been said of him in life. Converted at an early age, his character appeared to become more beautiful as the years lengthened. A deep student of the Bible his delight was to expound the beauties therein which are hidden from the casual reader. Withal his christianity [sic] was a practical every day kind. ... This influence will live after him.

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jerome said...

In a comment on an earlier post I proposed George Stubbs, born 1831, died 21 November 1910 (from Shelby) as our man. This post is about his son, George Stubbs Jr, who was one of eight children, born in 1857 and died 23 December 1912. However, John Paton's obit in World's Hope for "Brother Stubbs" is from the 15 February 1911 issue. Unless you have proof that the dates of death for George Jr (from Ancestry and Find a Grave) are incorrect, this must mean that the father is the one Paton talks about.

The reference to "Brother Stubbs" in WH 15 February 1911 actually gives his date of death as 21 November. The obit you published about George Senior would fit the father, but do you have a date or a reference for this cutting?