Thursday, November 23, 2017

Some serious help needed

We promised in volume 1 to report on an examination of 2nd Presbyterian Church records. They're on microfilm held by the LDS genealogy library and available on loan for a small fee. At this point we do not have time to search these records. We need a volunteer to do this. It requires a steady eye. Microfilm is not easy to read sometimes. It requires patience. You have to read everything looking for the Russell and the Birney names. We will need a print out of what ever you find. We need this done quickly, as quickly as possible.

If you're a brave soul and want to volunteer, let me know. We will need you to keep your word, to get right on this project. Anyone?


jerome said...

I seem to vaguely remember we were waiting for this to be returned at some point in the past. Is it only on microfilm? Does that mean the LDS would have to mail a physical product out, and you would need to find access to an old-fashioned microfilm reader to see it? Or would they send it to an LDS Family History Center at one of their churches for examination? Has it not been digitized so that more than one person at a time could check it? Can you supply more information as to what is involved?

roberto said...

I am ready, if you want, contact me.