Sunday, January 7, 2018


As of today we have completed at least in first draft fourteen chapters of Separate Identity, Volume 2. An introductory essay, three chapters and an afterward remain. The completed chapters total 440 pages.

I wonder if our readers realize just how much work this has been.

Next comes revisions and proof reading. Then formatting for publication and the actual first print.

I know I say this from time to time, but I am profoundly disappointed in this blog. But then I'm also really sick and easily discouraged.


roberto said...

Tell me if I can help in some way. The second volume will be great like the first. I am sure there will be also the first translation in another language (Italian), this Summer. I will tell you details in the next weeks.

jerome said...

I echo Roberto in offering any help I can, although translating into Italian is beyond me... Don't feel disappointed in the blog - well over 400,000 views over the years, and the stats show that the "back-catalog" of material attracts new readers. You never know, one of those may still come up with the "holy grail" for researchers, and even if not, will spread the word for when volume two of Separate Identity comes out.

Bernhard Brabenec said...

It is right, that we cannot imagine how lot of work it is. But I appreciate it very much. Many, many thanks for doing this great research.

Gary said...

Fear not! Sorry to hear you feel this way Rachael, but not being well tends to blur my judgement and maybe yours too at times?

I am profoundly pleased with your work and wish I could add something of value. However my knowledge in this specialist area is thin and my ability to proof read limited, especially being an Englishman looking at American spellings! Even so, if it would help you I can have a go.

You ask if your readers understand how much work writing your books involves. Yes, this one does! It's a bit like having children. You're never sure when you start out how they will turn out and hope for the best. Sometimes they disappoint you in some way (especially when they turn out to be remarkedly too alike yourself.) But often they surprise you by being better than you are or expect. By the time you realise how things are it is often too late to change things ... but you love them nonetheless, faults and all, and would never want to be without them.

All good wishes,

I know I say this from time to time, but I am profoundly disappointed in this blog. But then I'm also really sick and easily discouraged.

jerome said...

As a researcher and writer on many unrelated topics myself, I do understand the amount of work that has gone into this project, and appreciate all that you do. The existing chapters can only be tweaked by yourselves to your satisfaction, and the intro and outro will likely need to be somewhat personal. However, is there anything readers out here in cyberspace can do to assist with the three unwritten chapters? I know when I am writing on this subject (or any other in my sphere of interest) I need all the facts in front of me – on bits of paper, or in files (physical and electronic), along with a good dose of imperfect memory to start me off.

So are there any research aspects that blog readers can help with for these three chapters? Are there any “labours of Hercules” that can be shared, or for the benefit of newer blog readers shared again? Is there anything missing that stands a chance of ever being found if enough people search their files, contact archives, or delve into internet corners that others may just have missed?