Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Church of the Little Flock, Courtland, New York.

Benjamin Ford Weatherwax, a retired Methodist Episcopal clergyman, wrote to Russell sometime before 1901 and was eventually convinced the Watch Tower taught truth. He resigned from the ME church and started a small fellowship with six others. We can trace this group to early 1904 but not beyond.

Can one of you find more? Especially after mid 1903 with Weatherwax.'s death?

We also need the full name of "Brother" G. B. Raymond of Binghampton, New York. He lived there in 1904. In 1907 he was in Muncie, Indiana. By 1911 he was back in New York.

Update: We no longer need Raymond's full name. It is George B. Raymond. His photo is in a convention report. 

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jerome said...

The 1908 ZWT back pages give pilgrim appointments for Sullivan and McPhail to Cortland, NY, and when the St Paul Enterprise printed a Directory of City Ecclesias in its issue of Jan 30, 1917 it included Cortland, NY, and gave location of meetings and human contacts for visitors. Whether this was an outgrowth of Weatherwax's work or something new that sprang up later, I don't know.