Monday, September 21, 2015

Roberto and Andrew

Roberto and Andrew:

Thanks for volunteering. I don’t want to divide the task in to parts. I’d rather you both cover the same ground. Two pair of eyes are better than one.

We’re looking for references to names of congregations and believers. For instance, in Chapter 2 we quote Russell: “the name-less little company of ‘this way,’ in Lynn.” We’re looking for other things like that. We need to document them all.

If a congregation is named by location, note that too. If a congregation or the entire body of believers is described with a Biblical phrase of paraphrase, note that. I will need to know the date of issue and page number where the reference is found. If you’re noting a page in the reprints use this form: rp202. If you’re noting a page from the original issues, use this form: ZWT Apr1880 p. 3.

If you find something that describes an individual congregation in any sense, note that too.


roberto said...


Andrew said...

I will start this week.

Roberto, should we exchange email addresses to keep each other informed on our progress?


roberto said...

Yes Andrew. Ask my e-mail to Rachael.