Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Dear Crims

Dear Crimsonrose,

While we have some of the clippings you send, never consider it wasted effort. You’ve also sent clippings we do not have and that will enlarge or change the story we tell. This is excellent. I’m on a personal day for a doctor’s appointment. While I’m sitting here waiting to see her, I’m downloading the files.

Especially important are the articles about Brown and Needham; Paton’s Pittsburgh lecture; and the Presbyterian’s meeting in 1882. We had parts of those stories but not all of them. We’ll rewrite bits as a result. This is good.

If you can, please search for a report of Russell’s 1877 lectures in Pittsburgh and of a second series some believe he gave in 1879. More about Coovert’s debate challenge would be good. We have the basics, but there is supposed to be a letter from Coovert to one of the Pittsburgh papers we’ve never found.

Keep up the good work. This is immensely helpful.


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jerome said...

I have enjoyed examining all the newspaper references from Crimsonrose. Congratulations and thanks to her for finding and sharing them. May she find many more!