Monday, June 4, 2018

G. L. McCormick

The last name is also spelled McCormack. All we have are his initials. We know he moved to Chicago [with his wife] in 1882. We need full name and as much biography as we can find. We need your help with this. We're swamped with other things, and Rachael is too sick to undertake this.

We're not making real progress with this. But if one presumes that the McCormacks moved from Pittsburgh to Chicago, city directories point to George L. McCormack and his wife Charlotte.


jerome said...

I found the ZWT reference to him (July 1882) moving with his wife to Chicago. Is this really all we have on him?

B. W. Schulz said...

Brother and Sister McCormack

Apparently well-known to Watch Tower readers, the McCormacks are mentioned once. In July 1882 Russell noted that they were moving to Chicago:

The Chicago friends will be glad to know that Bro. McCormack is about to remove there. Chicago is a good field, and our Brother and his wife remove there in the hope of being used by the Master for the blessing of the household of faith, by disseminating the truth. When he calls on you, receive him well – he is a brother in Christ. Let meetings be commenced at once, and the Lord bless you.

The closest we have to a firm identity is an inscription on the inside cover of Food for Thinking Christians hard bound together with Tabernacle Teachings and gifted from Sunderlin to a G. L. McCormick. [sic]
Though we lose sight of the McCormacks after the one mention in The Watch Tower, we don’t lose sight of the work in Chicago. Street witnessing with Food for Thinking Christians produced fruitage. Someone wrote to Russell in 1884, expressing his gratitude for the booklet. He believed it reformed him:

Having picked up one of your little books on the street, called “Food for Thinking Christians,” and “Why Evil was Permitted,” I became deeply interested in it. It seems very good for thinking sinners as well as Christians. I am a reformed man now, having been down in the gutter many a time through intoxicating drink, though I have not tasted any now for over a year, may God help me to keep from it. Having just read the little book, I see that you will send others, and by so doing you will oblige me. I would like to lead a better life, and become a Christian. I cannot see fully into the reality of religion, but may the Lord open my heart and eyes to the great love he has for them that fear him. I will try to make good use of anything you send.